Reduce Violence

Our mission is to reduce
violence in the community
by shifting youth and
young adults towards a
positive and fulfilling
lifestyle through
connection and

Services Provided to Schools and Organizations

Violence Intervent ion & Prevent ion

Our offering includes a special program
and consulting services designed to
decrease and prevent bullying and gun
violence involving youth and young
adults to prevent them from becoming
victims or perpetrators. Learn More


We speak up for or stand alongside
our participants and guide them to
express their views and make their
own decisions and contributions in the
areas of education, housing, the legal
system, etc. Learn More

Coaching / Mentoring

By building relationships with our
participants, we help them develop
and focus on goals and dreams,
while accentuating their strengths,
to help them live a life of meaning
and purpose. Learn More

Motivational Speaking

Through personal stories of
transformation, we provide hope
and plant seeds of inspiration to
youth and young adult groups. We
assist in shifting their thinking
patterns to produce positive and
productive action. Learn More